Saturday, October 19, 2019

What is the Most Effective Leadership Style in Local Government Essay

What is the Most Effective Leadership Style in Local Government - Essay Example As the report highlights simplification and transparency are needed to transform local government into a truly proactive, citizen centred form of representation. Along with local government reform what also needs to take place is a transformation of leadership. For too long, local government has concentrated on managing, or trying to manage, and many have forgotten, or never learned, what leadership is. This essay declares that the UK is comprised of a diverse array of local forms of government. The first tier form of local government is Parish or Town Councils. These councils are selected via the normal democratic process of elections. The sizes of the councils vary greatly, ranging from small rural parishes with several hundred stakeholders to the largest urban parish with over 70,000 citizens. Their authority varies depending on locale. In addition to parish or local councils there may be second tier council that provide local services to the community. In the major urban areas on England there are a total of 36 metropolitan borough councils. The areas with these larger councils include: Greater Manchester, the West Midlands, Merseyside, South and West Yorkshire, and Tyen and Wear. The councillors for these larger councils are elected for four year terms. Additionally, elections are held yearly with one third of the seats being up for election yearly. Every fourth year there is n o election.

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