Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Assignment - Operations Management Research Proposal

Assignment - Operations Management - Research Proposal Example 5. Customer demand is expected to vary. Although general patterns may emerge, due to the change of time zones, customers are likely to demand a full three course meal at any time of the day or night. However, a restricted menu is proposed at the quiet times. Our supply chain management analysis, proposals and strategies will deal with the process of effective planning and control of the operations that make up the restaurant's supply chain from the point of origin of the ingredients and other items of restaurant use by the suppliers to the point of consumption of the prepared food by the customers. The supply chain encompasses all the activities, facilities and functions that are involved in producing and delivering the food. For a better analysis of the 7 points listed above, we could divide them into two categories: By identifying these six parts of the supply chain, we can ensure the overall efficiency in the planning and control of the restaurant's operations by analysing the efficiency of each in turn, and implementing strategies, if necessary, to increase efficiency in that particular process. For instance, if we know that the ingredients are taking longer than they should in reaching the restaurant, the time taken could be minimised by using own transportation, changing the means or timing of the transport or looking for alternative suppliers.

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