Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Draft Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Draft - Research Paper Example As the paper declares an emerging way of social networking that has been ably used by organizations to manage crises is blogging. This is because these blogs provide information to customers and may also display their opinion to the public. Blogs especially the political blogs may be important tools for communication especially when crises arise and can also help in the monitoring of responses of the targeted audience. According to thr research findings social media has played an important aspect in the management of crises whenever they occur within organizations. An unpredictable occurrence that may take place that may interfere or impede the expectations of the stakeholders served by the organization and may affect the performance and outcomes of the entity. In the advent of the technology and social media, organizations have increasingly experienced different cases of crises in the management of their affairs. Coombs used the situational crisis communication theory (SCCT) in the categorization of crises and found that some affected the victim that called for minimal responsibility, natural disasters, violence at the work place, unverified claims (rumors), tampering with products, accidents and technical errors. In addition, other crises were found to be product harm, crises that could be prevented, crises caused by human errors, as well as organizational misdeeds amongst others. In the case of businesses or other profit-generating organizations, the crises may be specific to the type of products or services that they deal in or offer to their clientele.

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