Friday, October 4, 2019

Society In Philippiness Essay Example for Free

Society In Philippiness Essay When we were human beings in small tribe hunting and gathering, everybody you had to deal with was somebody you saw every day. We’re species that’s based on communication with our entire tribe. As the population grew and people had to split up into smaller tribes and separate, they got into the point where they never see each other for their whole lives (Lamy Lester). Communication is important in maintaining relationship with our family, friends, and even somebody we encounter in our day-to-day lives. The internet is the first technology that let us have many-to-many communication with anybody on the planet. In a sense, it brought us back to something we lost thousands of years ago Internet allows people to interact with others anywhere on the planet (Lamy Lester). Today’s generation is based around technology. Everything we do revolve around the internet. It is primarily a source of communication, information and entertainment, as simple click and search, internet can provide us the information we need. The internet is unique among the mass media in allowing interpersonal communication through email and instant messaging. It is a community known as â€Å"Social networking†. Social networking has left us with the chance to meet people in a much easier method; a friend is now a finger click away. _______ Filipinos use social networking sites every day. Facebook, Yahoo, MySpace and Twitter are used extensively for the purpose of communication because those are the most popular networking sites this time. There are also programs that allow us to communicate such as Skype and Yahoo messenger. On Facebook, you can simply click â€Å"add friends† and the other person can either accept you or deny you. One of the most important advantages of the use of social media is the online sharing of knowledge and information among the different groups of people. This online sharing of information also promotes the increase in the communication skills among the people especially among the learners/students of educational institutions. Some people can access social networking sites without even leaving their house. Technology and social networking is slowly taking over people’s lives and beginning to affect their personal relationships and real life interaction. College teenagers are the most common users in Social networking. Students in Lyceum of the Philippines University – Cavite (LPU-Cavite) are using social networks to keep in touch with their friends, family and for academic purposes. Since LPU-Cavite is updated and uses modern technology as a way of teaching, student’s now have the knowledge to use technology as well. Some professors even use the networking sites to upload their lectures and upcoming lessons for the student’s benefit and advantage. Social networks are increasingly being used by teachers and learners as a communication tool. Teachers create chat rooms and groups to extend classroom discussion to posting assignments, tests and quizzes, to assisting with homework outside of the classroom setting. Learners can also form groups over the social networking sites and engage in discussion over a variety of topics (Trisha Dowerah Baruah). Using social networks as a way of sending lessons and information to students consume less time and effort that will give student’s benefit for their upcoming class and discussion.

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