Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Sun Zis Art Of War

We all recognize that a large force has numerical power and when they move in groups, they are able to defeat a lot of challenge, but one mortal characteristics of a large force in my mind is flexibility. It cannot move fast because request from one point will take a long time to travel to the critical and important places in the force. This makes a large force less agile than a small force and we all know speed is of the aspect both in war and business. ‘ Organization Structure' defined how is tour company structured?How many departments are there? How many levels are there between the head of department to the lowest level? These are some of the inquiry you should follow up when you are surveying your organization structure. You also have to determine if there is a need to build a new department for a certain objective. ‘Formation' now in those days, when Sun Uzi was writing the book , formations would refer to how the infantry, army and chariots are arranged and positi oned in the battlefield. You would then ask, what is formation' in the business world?It compress to how you piece your employees. Communication' is the next important condition, you need to have information flow to related departments and critical staff. But there is one particular way where it could delay information progress and that is human fault. An account would then be effective here. Organization may have to manage a structure such that employees who take right actions are satisfied. Line 5. 19 & 5. 20 When gushing torrential water tosses stones and pushes boulders, it is because of the force created by its momentum.When the ferocious strike of an eagle breaks the body of its prey, it is because of the exact moment and timing of its engagement. Sun Uzi used two analogies to accent the importance of TV conditions and they are timing and momentum. With momentum, even the eagle was able to break the body of the prey without much effort and water that does not have a solid shap e is able to push big stones and with good timing. When the gushing torrential water tosses stones pushing boulders, it is because of the force of its momentum. When the cruel beat of an eagle, breaks the body of its prey, it is because of the timing of the strike.Thus the momentum and ores of the skillful in battle are so murderous and overwhelming and his timing of engagement is swift and precise. MOMENTUM Where and how can we use momentum in business? One condition where we can use momentum is advertising. Where you are entering into a new market, the first most important thing you should do is to establish your marketing operation properly. Your marketing operation must set up momentum, having continuous and stable disclosure of your products and brand to the new consumers, repetition help consumers to remember your product and brand better.Approach to make the consumers remember your brands and products are slogans, jingles, logos and many more. Many consumers have favored sens es to absorb and learn things. Logos would demand to people who are more visual in slogan, jingles, learning would appeal more to people who are more auditory. That is reason why most of the marketing operation has both. Repetition would create momentum for your advance into a new market. You are able to let yourself be remarked in the new market and user. Do some analysis on those competitors who are running in the new markets you are advancing.TIMING Good timing can make flourish and bad timing can make kill. If we are able to time our selling an purchase of shares well, we would obtain the maximum amount of profits. The timing of entering a new market is very important to our business. There are two conditions, which is knowledge and experience to help us able to get the right timing in our business. Knowledge allows us to gauge a range of time when opportunities is about to happen as such we can make establishment to take the opportunity.We can earn consistent knowledge on our o wn but to be able to grasp the timing rightly, it would irately depend on attitude and experience. Because timing is like shooting an arrow, you can have knowledge of the wind guidance, the bows strength, the angle to shoot at and many more, but when it comes to practical, which is releasing the arrow, it takes experience. In the other hand, these is good and bad timing to execute business decisions. Bad economic times although results in lower sales, it also means lower costs of development as well.As the common phrase said, ‘Practice makes perfect' it never says ‘Knowledge makes perfect'. 5. 5 In any battle situation and condition, there are only the direct and indirect approaches and forces. Sun Uzi mentioned to use direct force to match the enemy and using indirect force to win the enemy. And in the next few sentences, he mentioned that the combinations of these two types of forces are infinite and its communications and can produce awesome results. In battle, use th e direct forces to match the enemy, and use the indirect forces to win the enemy.So that, the person who is skillful at using indirect forces, can use it in flow of water in streams and rivers. Direct and indirect forces are like the beginning and the end and also like the ever changing character of the sun and moon, direct and indirect forces recover and disappear like the changes of the four seasons. There are Only five basic notes but their modifications and combinations can create many musical grade that one is not possible to hear them all. There are only five basic colors, but their mixes and matches produce so many visuals that one is not possible to view them all.There are only five basic flavors, but their blends and mixtures produce so many tastes that one is not Seibel to taste them all. In the battle, there are only the direct and indirect forces. However the changes and combinations between the two are infinite. Their communications and combinations are like two never-e nding, interlink rings where possibilities of its beginning and endings cannot be determined. The indirect forces in battle would be related to the intangibles. Direct forces in the battle would be related to the pricing or quality of products or services in business, factors that are easily duplicated by competitors. Rice and laity can be easily simulated but it is the intangibles that are difficult to duplicate, it usually gives a business a sustainable competitive edge over his rivals and allows differentiation between services and products easily. Try to relevant as much as possible, but concentrate of using indirect forces as well as you can.

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