Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Gold Coast And the Slums essays

Gold Coast And the Slums essays Chicago is a city full of diversity. A place where one block is worth millions while the next one over would be considered a ghetto. This is a phenomenon that feels true in almost all parts of the city. I t could not have been any more evident in the part of the North side I explored. Beginning in the famous Gold Coast area of Chicago is always a sight. It is amazing to know how expensive these places all are and yet how cramped together it all seems. It is run of the mill to find housing in this area averaging in the millions, yet it makes one think. Why spend so much money on little space? Is it really comfortable to be right on top of each other like that? I reside in Rogers Park, a neighborhood with a reputation for being densely populated. Apartment and condominium buildings line most of the streets in my part of East Rogers Park. Oddly enough it still feels like I have more space in between buildings then people in the Gold Coast. Gold Coast buildings feel as if they were built incredibly close to one another. The buildings do look very nice, but very old. Many of them look like converted mansions and some even have plaques on them. These plaques show landmark status and other fun facts. The civilians walking the area were overwhelming Caucasian. I cannot recall seeing any minorities on the streets. Lots of white people jogging and/or walking their dogs. Families at the park playing was also very evident. The cars that lined the streets for the most part seemed expensive. There were many BMWs, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, Lincolns, and Cadillacs. I can only assume the domestic automobiles belonged to the older residents while the imports one would expect to be owned by baby boomers and younger. Overall it is a nice area that has many positives. It feels very safe and private. A good place for the wealthy to hide away. Not too far away from the Gold Coast in the Sandburg Village area. Th...

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