Friday, October 18, 2019

Leading Organizational Change (Individual Change Project) Assignment

Leading Organizational Change (Individual Change Project) - Assignment Example Human Resource Organization is the organization that is going to focus on. The organizational transition will make the organization change structurally and advance technologically. Through technological advancement, the organizational Change will help organization venture in educating its recruits, get them involved in different activities, and amend rules to inspire various employees (Anderson, 130). Improving support and remuneration methods and also different employees will get to work in various departments and their ranks will be improved. My greatest personal challenge to achieving the set objectives is hesitation and diffidence. Struggling to deal with doubt and timidity leads to torpor. Discerning opinion and preservation show that people identify that the details are in line with their views. It’s a routine that people fail to approve their views if change does not occur (Anderson, 130). I can assess transitional readiness by taking note of where change has been experienced in the organization. Some sectors tend to perform better than others (Anderson, 130).

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