Saturday, August 3, 2019

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Why Parrots Repeat A long, long time ago before human even roamed the earth animals here alone. There were all different types of them, from big to small, fat to skinny and brave to cowardly. There were also groups of animals, based upon there personalities just like us today. The way that you look made no difference, just the way you acted. For example, the lions were very brave and loyal and the turtles were cowardly and shy. Then there were the parrots. They were also like the turtles because they were cowardly but not shy. They love to make fun of others. They had huge mouths. Every time they could insult one of their fellow animals they would. In this one incidence the warthogs we just minding their own business while playing soccer out in the fields (the warthogs were a sort of uneducated animal, but nice at the same time, as long as you were kind to them they would do anything for you). They parrots saw them playing as they were and immediately started to make fun of them. They called them names like â€Å"fatty† and â€Å"slowpoke.† This upset the warthogs so much that they went to the mammoth, the king animals, and told him what the parrots had done. So at the next town meeting the mammoth talked to the parrots about their behavior towards their fellow animals. The mammoth said â€Å"Parrots why must you be so cruel to all of the animals?† all the parrots did was laugh and then told the mammoth to take it easy because they were just having a little fun. Then the mammoth replied back quickly and said that next time they insulted their fellow animals that he would go straight to Zaron, the god of all the animals. The parrots could only imagine what would happen to them if Zaron found out about this, because all knew about he was the same god would made the flies attracted to feces. After hearing this they seemed to be afraid. The parrots held back their comments for a while but eventually it came back out.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  On one rainy day the sloths were trying to get to there homes as fast as they could but we know that it would take them a while. Even when all the other animals were safely in there homes the sloth’s still had miles to go before they could get dry.

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