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Marketing Professional Practice Essay

Executive Summary This report aims to develop some feasible strategies for a non-profit making organization – Care For Your Heart to achieve objectives in certain areas: 1. Enhancing the public awareness of the organization’s profile and service; 2. Reaching the youngsters and working group segments; 3. Gaining more donations for future development; and 4. Strengthening the network with medical doctors or nurses as part of voluntary work. These objectives can be carried out by the three main recommended strategies, include rebranding, sponsorship campaigns, and volunteer programs. Before launching other programs, rebranding is recommended to refine the image of Care For Your Heart by designing a new logo and name, which is more professional and appealing to the target market. The rebranding is also related to the strategies for achieving the organization’s new direction. The sponsorship campaigns aim at attracting companies for sponsorship, enhancing public awareness, and attract donations. The prospective sponsors include Nestle, Hung Fuk Tong, Watson, and HKHC. The respective strategies are Nestle milk powder lid design, Turn in Your Can; Hung Fuk Tong Care For Your Heart soup series; Watson Heart Caring Bottle Label Competition and launch of water bottle, carboy bottle design and poster distribution at offices; Cardiac Health Care Bus, Health Care Charity Fund, professional health talks, and Charity Health Check Day. Furthermore, volunteers for current and future events and campaigns are sourced from IVE, medical colleges, doctors, and HKHC. These strategies provide substantial benefits to Care For Your Heart. By successfully striving sponsorship and donations, Care For Your Heart can enhance its visibility, awareness and credibility via appearance of logo on sponsor’s products and websites. Donation is easier to attract when the organization is more credible, and more funds can be used to offer more activities for its members and the public. The campaigns and volunteer programs allow the organization to reach its young and business target markets when products and events are exposed at heavy traffic spots and offices. The sponsorship programs will last for two years, and the volunteer program is on a continuous basis, which the details are shown in the timeline in the later part of this report. And the estimated budget is set. Background of Organization Care For Your Heart is a registered non-profit charitable organization formed by a group of cardiac patients together with their families since 1995. Its services mainly target cardiac patients and their families. In 1998, Care For Your Heart set up the first cardiac mutual help and resource center, and is committed to patients and the public health (Organization Introduction 2010). Up until 2011, Care For Your Heart has more than 2600 members, and over 180 volunteers (Number of Members 2010). Members mostly age around 51 to 80 (Age of Members 2010), and geographically concentrated in Hong Kong Island (Residence of Members 2010). The sources of funds is attracted from multiple channels; include donations, Community Chest, Social Welfare Department and other activities (Sources of Funds 2010). Logo of the Organization The flower-liked logo represents that the organization is concerned about heart related issues. Vision and mission of Organization Care For Your Heart aims to encourage mutual support spirit among cardiac patients and family support, so that the patients can positively face their illness (Organization Introduction 2010). It strives to enhance cardiac patients knowledge towards cardiac diseases, boost recovery, and prevent the opportunity of relapse; to act as a bridge between patients and medical institutions in order to provide all-round services; gather patients, protect and strive for rights and welfares; promoting social knowledge about cardiac disease, prevention, caring and accepting cardiac patients and enhance public awareness towards heart healthiness (Organization Introduction 2010). Care For Your Heart aims to increase the number of members; encourage members nd others to volunteer in charitable events and supporting activities; to attract more stable funding, such as monthly donation; to enhance awareness and educate public about the increasing trend of youngsters suffering from coronary heart disease; to motivate general public changing their lifestyle to improve health; to attract business groups’ awareness about cardiac disease; to establish a stronger network with doctors for f acilitating volunteer work, and other events and activities. (Future Prospect 2010). . Introduction The chairman of Care For Your Heart has illustrated the current issues faced by the organization and proposed several questions. This report is to develop feasible strategies for the organization to overcome its situation and further development in certain area. 1. Develop relevant strategies in order to enhance the public awareness of the organisation’s profile and service; 2. Attract more younger and working groups to join the organization; 3. Gain more donations for further development and 4. Strengthen a network of medical doctors or nurses as part of voluntary work. 2. Target Market 3. 1. Target Group The target market is defined by Care For Your Heart, basing on its current situation and problem. Based on research, heart disease has a rejuvenating trend and threatening working group aged 20 years old or above. These groups are targeted as they are constantly under high pressure and heavy workload. Business class with quick life rhythm typically lack of resting time. In addition, they always overlook the importance of keeping their heart healthy. 3. 2. Medical Doctor Another target group is the medical doctors. Medical doctors play an important role for these kinds of organization because of their professional medical knowledge. Other than that, Care For Your Heart inviting medical doctors for volunteering can expand their network in medical field and increase its credibility to the public . 3. 3. Partnership The following are some suggested partners for Care For Your Heart to cooperate with: * Nestle Hung Fook Tong * Watson * Hong Kong Health Check & Medical Diagnostic Group Limited Details will be illustrated in the following part of the report. 3. 4. Other Stakeholder Stakeholders| Details| Donors| * Existing donors (Social Welfare Department, The Community Chest, Food and Health Bureau) * Potential donors at all ages in global * It is important for a non-profit organization to have positive and enough reputation, which will influence donation . Policy from donation also affect the operation of the organization| University| * Helps to disseminate cardiac information * Helps to enhance the awareness of the organisation * Eg: Hong Kong College of Technology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong etc| Hospital| * Reach more cardiac patients * Helps to enhance the reputation of the organisation| General Public| * Opinions leaders who can influence the peers * cardiac patients and families| Media| * Global newspapers and magazines * TV stations, radio stations, newspapers and magazines publishers, leaflets, seminar| Potential Investors| * Corporations or individuals that are interested to invest in â€Å"Care For Your Heart† (Children’s Heart Foundation and The Hong Kong Tuberculosis, Chest and Heart Diseases Association: can enhance the awareness of â€Å"Care For Your Heart† and donation| 3. Campaign Strategy 3. 1. Rebranding As brand is a valuable asset, it allows organization to communicate a clear set of v alues toward its stakeholders. Non-profit organization is a kind of concept-brand which is associated with an abstract concept, such as cancer awareness, environmentalism or cardiac disease (Daly and Moloney 2004, 30). The current logo of Care For Your Heart is too old-fashion and poorly deliver the meaning about cardiac care issues. To best meet the target group, suggestion is given for the organization to redesign its logo and name. Rebranding  is the creation of a new name, term, symbol, design, or a combination of them for an established brand with the intention of developing a new position in the mind of stakeholders (Daly and Moloney 2004, 30). The change in the name and logo of the organization may enhance public awareness and reputation. Furthermore, the newly established brand elements can also better related to the current situation that the organization is facing (Muzellec and Lambkin 2008, 284). The new logo and name designed for the organization aims to better suit the target group, and will be illustrate in the following: 3. 1. 1 New logo: The new logo echoes with the name â€Å"Care For Your Heart†, containing a hand showing a gesture of holding a heart. Hand represents human; gesture represents caring; heart represent cardiac and compassion. The new logo is simple, more eye-catching, and the meaning is more obvious at a glance than the old version, thus the target market can easily understand the role of Care For Your Heart. Furthermore, the logo shows the commitment of Care For Your Heart to embark on a new direction and coordinate with our proposed strategies. 3. 1. 2 New name: Care For Your Heart can rename its Chinese name from to. The new name provides formality, thus projecting a more professional image. Moreover, it can better represent the mission of Care For Your Heart, which is to gather cardiac patients for mutual help and enhance public’s concern of cardiac disease. 3. 2. Seek For Partnership To achieve the goals proposed by the client, it is necessary for the organization to engage some partnership in order to support its daily operation and further activities. There are four potential companies for partnering with Care For Your Heart to enhance awareness, funding supply and voluntary work, including: Nestle, Hung Fong Tong, Watson and Hong Kong Health Check & Medical Diagnostic Group Limited. These potential partners have similar vision and mission within Care For Your Heart in terms of concerning the health of people. The cooperation between â€Å"for profit† business and non-profit organization is called cause-related marketing (CRM), which both parties are involved to create mutual benefits. â€Å"For profit† business implemented CRM to build brands, revitalize corporate, carrying out corporate social responsibilities, and make community involvement visible (Papasolomou, and Kitchen 2011, 63). Non-profit organization can be benefited due to the contributions from the â€Å"for profit† business in order to meet its needs and objectives. CRM is proved to be an important marketing tool which demonstrates a firm’s commitment in addressing a social issue (Papasolomou, and Kitchen 2011, 63). The following are the strategies proposed to cooperate with the partners. 3. 3. 1. Nestle – Carnation Omega High Calcium Milk Powder Reason for partnership with Nestle Nestle is a well-known nutrition, health and wellness company which founded in Switzerland in 1866. The company’s mission is â€Å"Good Food, Good Life†, which is to provide great tasting, nutritionally superior food and beverage, and great services to consumers around the world (Nestle 2011). Creating shared value is a fundamental part of Nestle’s way of doing business to create long-term value for shareholders and society, which is beyond compliance and sustainability (Creating Shared Value 2011). One of its products, the Carnation Omega High Calcium Milk Powder is chosen as a health product for the World Heart Day in 2010 and 2011. This low-fat milk power can strengthen the heart and reduces cardiac related diseases. The ingredients and functions of this mike powder are the followings (Milk Powder 2008). i. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acid: Regulate body’s cholesterol level and benefit to the cardiovascular system. ii. Low-fat: Reduce fat absorption which benefit to the heart. iii. High in calcium: Benefit to the bones and prevent osteoporosis. iv. Vitamin A, B and E: Assist in metabolism and health function. This milk powder was sold in different channels as well as supermarket and drugstore in Hong Kong, such as PARKnSHOP, Welcome and Watson. Each of them operates more than 200 stores and has different customer segments. It is believed that Care For Your Heart can gain benefits through enhanced awareness, and obtaining stable and long-term based donation. Proposed Strategy I. Cardiac information inside the lid, and logo on the package. Cardiac information as well as â€Å"7 ways to protect your heart†, â€Å"Make your heart healthier†, etc. is suggested to print on the internal side of the lid. Every time when consumer opens the lid, they can read the information provided by Care For Your Heart. A colorful background can be used in order to attract their attention and increase the visibility of such information. Moreover, the logo of the organization is also printed on the package of the milk powder to gain awareness (Refer to Appendix 1 and 2). The followings are the suggested cardiac information. 7 ways to protect your heart: * Maintain appropriate cholesterol level by having low-fat diet * Maintain appropriate weight and balanced diets. * Eat 2 fruits every day * At least 30 minutes aerobic exercise per day * No smoking and alcohol * Remain a cheerful mood * Regular Body check II. â€Å"Turn in Your cans† Yoplait Yogurt, a France originated brand founded in 1964, had launched a campaign called â€Å"Save Lids to Save Lives† for 10 years. The main concept of this campaign was to raise money for charity organization and activities, such as Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation,  Race for the Cure, etc. Every lid that the customer reserved, Yoplait will donate US$0. 1 after they registered the code number on the lid online (Save Lids to Save Lives 2011). A loyalty program called â€Å"Turn in Your Cans† is proposed to achieve long-term relationship among three parties: the customer, Care For Your Heart, and Nestle. When customer finished one can of milk powder, they could turn in the can to a supermarket or drugstore, then Nestle could collect those cans for recycling. A stamp would be awarded per one returned can. When customer collected 3, 5 and 10 stamps, they can enjoy discount of 10%, 30% and 50% respectively for the next purchase. This campaign could increase customers’ loyalty towards this milk powder, and attract purchases from new customers. As a result, Nestle can gain an increase in sales, and Care For Your Heart can receive donations. III. 5% donation from the total sales of the milk powder To obtain long-term donation, Care For Your Heart could receive 5% of total sales from this milk powder. The milk powder is selling at the price around HKD$104. 6, which means Care For Your Heart can receive approximately HKD$5 from each can of milk powder sold. 3. 3. 2. Hung Fook Tong Reason for partnership with Hung Fook Tong Hung Fook Tong is the biggest herbal tea group in Hong Kong founded in 1980s. With more than 700 staff members, and over 100 stores among Hong Kong (Milestone 2011), it is persistent in using genuine ingredients with no added preservatives in the product. Producing and developing quality products are the philosophy of â€Å"making naturally† (Mission 2011). In 2011, Hung Fook Tong acquired the prime awards for corporate social responsibility 2011 from Prime magazine (Company news 2011), which shows that Hung Fook Tong continuously strive to fulfill corporate social responsibility. Hung Fook Tong has introduced a series of Chinese soup and individually packed soup into the market under its brand name. Those series of soup is nourishing, which helps to maintain good body condition and is good for health. As individually packed soup could reduce the time of making soup at home, it is typically popular among working class. Thus Hung Fook Tong is another suggested source to cooperate with for gaining long-term donation and enhancing public awareness. Proposed Strategy I. â€Å"Care For Your Heart† soup series There are several soup recipes shared by some Chinese medical doctors on Care For Your Heart website. Those soups are beneficial to the heart and can prevent heart attack. Care For Your Heart could cooperate with Hung Fook Tong to introduce these series of soup or invest in new soups for the target market. Such as: * Mushroom  soup with bamboo fungus and  lotus root. * Black hen soup with lily and cloud ear fungus. * Black hen soup with chestnut. These series of soup can sold at a cheaper price HKD$40 for increasing sales volume, which others series are sold at HKD$48 and HKD$63. II. Logo on the package front and cardiac information at the package back The logo of Care For Your Heart is suggested to put on the front side of the individually packaged soup, and some cardiac information at the back. This increases the visibility of the organization, as well as disseminating cardiac information when customer turns the package to look at the ingredient list of the soup. During the selection process, consumers make decisions base on the soup’s functions, thus the â€Å"Care For Your Heart series† can impress those that concern about heart health, and attract those customers that are previously not aware of the heart health series. The logo of Care For your Heart can also be placed on the menu to increase visibility (Refer to Appendix 3 and 4). III. 5 % donation from the total sales of â€Å"Care For Your Heart† series Care For Your Heart could receive 5% total sales of individually packed soup in order to obtain long-term donation. Each individually packed soup is sold at the price around HKD$40, which means Care For Your Heart can received approximate HKD$2 from each sold of the soup. IV. Coupon Hung Fook Tong can also sponsor 500 packs of coupons, which contains 10 pieces within one pack with a total value of HKD$398, to Care For Your Heart for voluntary reward purpose. 3. 3. 3. Watson Reason for partnership with Watson Firstly, Watsons Water under A. S. Watson Group is currently a wholly owned subsidiary of the Hutchison Whampoa Limited, and is a world-renowned brand for supplying purest quality water. Moreover, the A. S. Watson Group has obtained a number of awards, such as â€Å"Asia’s Best Brand Award – for excellence in Branding and Marketing† in 2010 and 2011, â€Å"Caring Company† by the Hong Kong Council of Social Services from 2002 to 2011, and â€Å"Top Ten Brand names Award† by Chinese Manufacturer’ Association of Hong Kong in 2003 (Our Achievements 2011). Furthermore, A. S. Watson Group is positive related to healthiness, as it owns the Watsons Athletic Club which is committed in sponsoring and supporting local athletic events. This healthy association links with Care For Your Heart’s mission to improve public’s health issues. Secondly, the A. S. Watson Group is committed in performing corporate social responsibilities, and view CSR as opportunities. From A. S. Watson official website: â€Å"We encourage our business unites to develop programmes with organizations that are relevant to local community needs, and we support our employees’ effort in getting involved and contributing to society (Lai 2011). † This provides a favorable circumstance for Care For Your Heart to persuade Watson’s participation. Thirdly, Watsons Water has wide distribution channels, from street stores to big chained supermarkets. With the various availability of channels, it allows Care For Your Heart to increase exposure to the public and enhance the recognition of the company name. Proposed Strategy There are 3 main activities in this campaign: including Watsons bottled water label design competition, donation from the designed bottle, and cardiac slogan labels on Watsons Water carboy series and posters distributed to offices I. Watsons bottled water label design competition The first stage of this campaign starts with organizing a Watsons bottled water (both distilled and mineral water) label competition hosts by Watson and cooperates by Care For Your Heart. The theme of this competition is called â€Å" † – â€Å"Watsons Heart Caring Bottle Design Competition†, which encourage a submission of bottle label design aiming at enhancing public’s awareness towards cardiac disease. The competition will open for one to two months and targets youngsters age 15 to 25, whom are interested in drawing or design, and would seek for self-esteem through competition. The opening of this competition will be announced via newspapers (both paid and free), Watsons Water’s official website, and Facebook page. For motivation, awards will be given to the top three winners. The tentative prizes include: Champion: HK$5000 with certificate First runner up: HK$3000 with certificate Second runner up: HK$1500 with certificate All participants will also obtain a certificate as encouragement. After collecting all designs, both Watson and Care For Your Heart will have representatives appraising the designs and select the winners. A press conference will be held for the announcement and award ceremony of the top three winners. And their work will be launched on the bottle, which will be further discussed below. II. Launch of the specially designed bottle for donation to Care For Your Heart After the end of competition, the second stage of the campaign is the launch of this specially designed Watsons Water. The top three winners’ designs will be launched for 280ML to 800ML bottled water, both distilled and mineral. The distribution channels include all major types of supermarkets (Welcome, Parkn’ Shop, City’super etc. ), convenient stores (7-11, Circle K etc. ). The preparation for the label design will be around one month, and the tentative distribution period is set to be 2 to 4 months. Care For Your Heart can negotiate the percentage of total sales for donation with Watson. The recommended percentage is 5 to 15%. Furthermore, the label will contain information about the donation. For example: â€Å"Every bottle of water you purchase, Watson will donate $1 for Care For Your Heart on cardiac disease funding. † III. Cardiac info/ slogan on the Watson’s water carboy series in offices and posters distribution The third stage of the campaign is the launch of promotional label on Watsons Water carboy together with the distribution of posters to offices. The objectives of this event are to create opportunity for Care For Your Heart to reach the business sectors and to increase their awareness towards cardiac disease and provide some tips on prevention. This campaign will last for one to one and a half year. i. Poster Posters will be distributed together with the water bottles, and encourages offices to post it in the pantry or places near the water dispenser. The poster will contain some brief tips on preventing the formation of cardiac disease due to stress and imbalanced lifestyle. The information on the poster is the same as the information on the lids of the Nestle milk powder (Refer to Appendix 5). ii. Label A label is designed for 4. 5L, 12L and 18L bottles which fit most types of water dispenser, containing Care For Your Heart’s logo, slogans about heart protection. Appendix 6 shows an example of the label design. IV. 5% donation from the sales of designed Watsons Water bottle Watsons bottle water sold at the price HKD$6. 5, which Care For Your Heart can receive an approximate donation of HKD$0. 3 per bottle of the water sold. 3. 3. 4. Hong Kong Health Check ; Medical Diagnostic Group Limited (HKHC) Reason for partnership with HKHC Hong Kong Health Check ; Medical Diagnostic Group Limited (HKHC) is a company providing a variety of body check service to the community and has developed 15 health checking center in Hong Kong. The mission of the company is to provide  excellent  and  high standards of  imaging and  diagnostic services in order to improve  community  health under the concept of  preventive medicine. (About Us, 2011) It is chosen to work with Care For Your Heart as the two organizations are sharing similar missions of improving community health and health care awareness. Proposed Strategy I. Cardiac Health Care Bus The main functions of the Cardiac Health Care Bus are to provide free basic heart disease related health checks, for example, blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol; and educate public about heart disease preventions. If patients are diagnosed to have a possibility of getting cardiac disease, they will be refered to HKHC for a comprehensive health check. A medical professional and two volunteers from Care For Your Heart will be on duty in the bus. There will be 6 buses available, 3 for New Territories, 2 for Kowloon and 1 for Hong Kong Island. The buses will serve everyday in two spots with two time periods, from 11a. m. to 3p. m, and 4p. m. to 8p. m. , which can serve around 50 to 70 people every day. This idea is feasible as it has been successfully adopted by other organizations, such as the Pok Oi Hospital. II. Health Care Charity Fund (HCCF) HCCF is a working partner of HKHC, who aims to implant the concept of â€Å"Health†¦ we care you care† to the community through educational and medical healthcare service (Vision and Mission. 2011). Its missions are to help the needy of the community by offering free health check services and organizing professional health talks; to increase the healthcare awareness of the community by promoting the concept of preventive healthcare through comprehensive periodic health check at the highest standard; and to serve the community through supporting volunteering services which organized by non-profit making organizations or collaborated with local communities (Vision and Mission. 2011). The nature of this organization fits with Care For Your Heart’s vision as both organizations achieve their missions by organizing talks, fund raising and voluntary work. Two programs are designed for corporation of CFYH and HCCF. i. Professional Health Talks Health talks will operate once each year at each community center in 18 districts by Care For Your Heart. The talks emphasize on heart care related topics, such as prevention, types of heart disease etc. Professional speakers are the volunteers from HKHC and talks are sponsored by HCCF. Each talk is opened for 100 to 200 audiences (depends on the population of the district) and is free of charge. The target of this campaign is to reach citizens in 18 districts within one year and four months for 6 districts. For the first four months, talks will operate in North, Tai Po, Sha Tin, Tsuen Wan, Tuen Mun and Yeun Long; the next four months will operate in Kwai Tsing, Kowloon City Kwun Tong, Sham Shui Po, Wong Tai Sin and Yau Tsim Mong; and the last four months will operate in Island, Sai Kung, Central and Western, Eastern, Southern and Wan Chai. ii. Charity Health Check Day The date of Charity Health Check Day is set on the World Heart Day in every year. 5 to 10% of body checks income from HKHC will donate to Care For Your Heart through HCCF. HCCF used this format previously with HKHC and the Senior Citizen Home Safety Association (SCHSA) on mother’s and father’s day in 2011. Part of the body check income on that day was donated to HCCF, and the donations are used to provide personal emergency link for the elderly people (Tuesday Charity Health Check Day, 2011. ). 3. 3. Potential benefits receive by Care For Your Heart By the partnership with the above sponsors, Care For Your Heart can be benefited in various ways. I. Enhance awareness Firstly, as concerned by Care For Your Heart, it is currently facing low recognition by the public. To reverse this situation, its visibility, awareness and credibility can be increased by having Care For Your Heart’s name and logo appearing on sponsor’s events, and product packaging, which the product is well-recognized, easily found and consumed. Care For Your Heart can also leverage Nestle, Hung Fook Tong, Watson and HKHC’s goodwill on being healthy. Moreover, those sponsors enhance Care For Your Heart’s publicity by placing the organization name as the beneficiary organization at the end of the TV commercial. II. Reach the target segments Those proposed strategies allow Care For Your Hear to reach its desired target segments – the youngsters and businesses. Different channels were used for the distribution of the product by Nestle and Hung Fook Tong, such as supermarket, drugstore and MTR shop as well, which helps in increase exposure and visibility of its name and logo to different segment. Moreover, the Watson bottle water competition provides an opportunity for youngsters to demonstrate their stills in art, and act as a channel to educate them about cardiac diseases through participation. On the other hand, labels on carboy bottles and posters in office pantry can be an attention getting tool. By placing these at prominent spot, it can firstly get their attention. When they are continuously exposed to the information, they will be able to remember and recall the message. Furthermore, if the Cardiac Health Care Bus is successfully introduced, the mobility of those buses can further help Care For Your Heart in reaching more people in Hong Kong. III. Donation Donations can be gained through the sales of each product and the money can be used for funding daily operations or future activities. Furthermore, if the sponsors are willing to renew the contracts with Care For Your Heart, it will be able to obtain donations in a long-term basis. 3. 4. Potential benefits receive by sponsors I. Perform Corporate Social Responsibility The main benefit that Nestle, Hung Fook Tong, Watson and HKHC could gain is to accomplish its role in performing corporate social responsibility. Each company is committed to invest on creating shared value for society, as well as social welfare, environmental protection and other aspects regarding to the global compact. Companies could achieve its goals when cooperating with Care For Your Heart. II. Improved brand image Furthermore, the ultimate objective of performing CSR is to improve consumers’ perception towards the brand, which is being a contributor to the society thus enhancing goodwill. III. Boost Sales Each sponsor can boost its sales or expands market share due to its contribution to the society. Customers are more likely to choose a product when they realize that they can engaging in the contribution process (Stanalan, Lwin, and Murphy 2011, 51). IV. Benefits distributed by Care For Your Heart Care For Your Heart will provide the following benefits to all sponsors: * Have a one page free advertisement in the organisation magazine and annual report. Brief profile of the sponsors and the detail of ongoing campaigns on Care For You Heart website * Acknowledge the name and logo at the bottom of Care For Your Heart official website with hyperlinks to sponsors’ homepages * Acknowledge the name and logo on all promotion materials including newsletters, organisation magazines, broch ure covers or free gift bags etc. * Acknowledge the name and logo of sponsors on volunteers’ shirts * Provide at least one banner during any events * Announcement of sponsorships in all events or public speech * Guaranteed to be the only sponsor in the same category of industry * Allow to display company’s materials or products on the table for any events 3. 5. Volunteers’ recruitment The recruitment of volunteers for Care For Your Heart targets three groups: students from IVE, trainees of medical colleges, retired doctors, and the Hong Kong Health Check ; Medical Diagnostic Group. The details of the recruitment program are the followings. IVE On recruiting volunteers for Care For Your Heart, firstly, a non-academic volunteer program can be opened for the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education students majoring in Applied Nutritional Science, Pharmaceutical, Medical and Health Care, or Social services. Students are encouraged to apply the campaign throughout their study. This volunteer campaign requires students to participate in volunteer work for Care For Your Heart once in two weeks for four to six hours. The working time will be recorded and accumulated until they graduate or withdraw from the program. A quota on working time is set for students as a goal, for example, participating volunteer work for 72 hours in half a year. Students who have achieved the goal of this program will be rewarded with a non-academic award by Care For Your Heart, which is beneficial to their future career. Medical colleges’ trainees Secondly, trainees in medical colleges of the University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong are a considerable group for voluntary works. They obtain the required health care knowledge and elementary first aid skills. Moreover, this voluntary program can be included as part of the intern training. Similar with the program for IVE, a certificate will be given to participants as a reward, which helps their future career. Moreover, participants can enrich their practical experience before they enter the society. Medical professional Thirdly, doctors are another great source to attract as volunteers. They obtain the expertise in the cardiac field thus able to provide professional consultation for patients. Care For Your Heart can target this group by inviting those doctors that are seeking self-actualization, and appeal to them through mental motivation. For example, suggesting them to offer one or two days of voluntary consultation. By acquiring a sufficient number of voluntary doctors, members of Care For Your Heart can be benefited as it has more human resources to organize thorough functions and events for its members and the public, thus achieving the goals of increasing public awareness towards cardiac disease. Moreover, doctors can enhance their reputation and image by showing their sincerity in contributing to the society. Hong Kong Health Check ; Medical Diagnostic Group Lastly, referring to the event of the Cardiac Health Care Bus campaign, doctors from the Hong Kong Health Check ; Medical Diagnostic Group will volunteer for conducting simple tests and explain the health report to patients. Moreover, regarding this event, additional helpers are needed for showing information and assisting the doctor. These helpers can be chosen from IVE and medical college volunteers mentioned above. 3. 6. 5. Motivations to volunteers Besides, by analyzing their profile, Care For Your Heart can obtain data on the number of medical professionals and young volunteers the organization has attracted . ii. Amount of Donation Two sources of donations are needed to be evaluated: the public and partnership programs. By measuring the amount of donation from public and sponsoring partners, it can reflect Care For Your Heart’s reputation and credibility in public’s mindset. It can also show the benefits gain by both parties when the campaigns are launched (increased sales, product awareness and reputation). iii. Awareness Public opinion research will be conducted 3 times after 4, 12 and 24 months. The survey aims to collect data including: awareness and image of the organization; frequency and amount of donation; and awareness of activities and partnership program. The result will demonstrate whether the new strategies and rebranding are successful in enhancing the public awareness, especially within the working class. Regulate evaluation acts as a monitory function and can state the weaknesses of each program. Therefore, the organization can reinforce certain areas in order to achieve the ultimate goals. 6. Conclusion To conclude, Care For Your Heart could reach its target groups and deliver cardiac related information to the public by adopting the strategies mentioned above. Rebranding and those cooperative strategies can meet its goals effectively and efficiently. By performing cause-related marketing, all participating parties will receive benefits from the campaigns, as well as enhancing public awareness and improving brand image. The sales volume of the newly introduced products and the current product will also be increased, due to the change of customers’ perception towards the brand. The corporate partners will provide funding supply from the donations gained from product sales, and hence increase the cash flow of Care For Your Heart. Moreover, the reputation of Care For Your Heart will also be enhanced by the well-known partners. http://www. pokoi. org. hk/tc/services_cmedical. aspx http://www. hungfooktong. com/news/n017/index. html ;

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