Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Pg 225 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Pg 225 - Assignment Example This aims at persuading and convincing potential buyers to try the products thus derive the anticipated utility from that. To this respect the Company uses diverse paths to reach these people in the most appropriate ways. For example, It has currently been investing heavily in digital advertising through billboards that ensures that as many people as possible are reached via this medium. Great loyalty and confidence towards the company’s products are derived from this type of advertising since the message portrayed is elaborate enough to warrant persuasion. This paper purposes to develop an advertising campaign for the digital network and explain how it will be used to bring change that is envisaged. Through this digital advertising campaign the Company is intending to reach more people and convince them to purchase. It’s aiming at informing them more about the product and its characteristics as the only solution to anyone’s thirst problems as well as making the product available to the market thus increasing sales and revenue. This campaign targets mostly those in towns and big cities who are also able to synthesize digital information at a considerable speed. The most appropriate medium to use is LED screens that can be strategically positioned where visibility to all is guaranteed. Bright colors that spell out the tag line and images clearly for all to see are the most viable ones to use. The sales cycle also ought to be considered at this stage. The frequency at which the message flashes past the screen must be increased so that the continued repetition can assure attention and even interest amongst potential buyers. We have to determine the customers’ p erspective towards the products. How does the customer feel in relation to product satisfaction? Can the information displayed in the screen trigger a purchase decision? These are quite important in the development

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