Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Research on ''Job stress'' and statistical analysis Paper

On ''Job stress'' and statistical analysis - Research Paper Example The finding revealed that a significant negative impact of Job 'Job stress'' and statistical analysiss satisfaction on the level of stress. A significant negative impact between the employment status and the job stress is also realized. Introduction Workplace life plays a vital role in an individuals’ social life. The dynamic nature of the work environment has forced people to engage in job related task leading to avandornment of the social life. The unsatisfactiry state of employees makes them to concentrate on aspect or tasks that will result to improvement of their output. On the other hand, the status of employment also pushes people to strain and get stress. For instance, individuals with greater levels of job stress may be unsatisfied with the kind of work he or she does and hence leadss to unhappiness at work place. Such issues triggers burned outs or frustration when such an individual encounter a snmall challenge. Such inccident impacts negatively on the organizations output leading to low profits. The goal of theis research id to find out individuals factors that implacts on the oevrall performace and one’s job satisfaction. The most appropriate group to interview is the workers in the teaching fields are they the most affected. Previsous studies showed that the gender of an employee contributes a lot to the level of stress that one gets at work place. Other factors such as job satisfaction also influence the empployees overall performance. Since most organization is striving to increase its employees’output, the employees tend to struggle to satisfy the company’s needs. The level of stress that an individual has depends greatly on the factors that cause it. Beehr and Newman (2012) define stress as a situation that compels an individual to stray from the normal state as a result of disturbed physiological condition. From this definition, it is crucial for us to emphasise on stress management at work place. It is found out t hat the state of most individuals in the teaching fraternity is innfluenced by demographic factors. Job related stress within workers is mostly affected by role management in the organization. The management of role in the organization can be a key factor which instills stress on workers. Role stress in this context refers to any organizational undertakin that has detrimental effects on the employee. There are roles of the management that stand out to conflict to the wishes of the employees (Beehr 2011). Work and family are disjoint; therefore the family status on an individual can greatly affect the workers’job life. The situation is two-way traffic; where the family life is the source of stress that manifest at work place or the job life being the source of stress that will be spilled to the family life. Connection between job satisfaction and job stress Many researchers have tried to find out the connection between job satisfaction and stress. Job stress and job satisfctio n are two critical aspects given concentration in the HRM research projects. Stamps & Piedmonte (2010), argued that a significatn connection between job stress and job satisfaction. Another reserch by Cooper, et al (2011) also revealized that the root cause of job stress is job disatisfaction. In addition, Fletcher (2010) found out that soneone can be stressed because he or she is not satisfied with the kind of work he does. Theoretical Framework and Hypotheses

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