Saturday, August 10, 2019

Mechanical Dynamic Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Mechanical Dynamic - Research Paper Example Designers now face a higher challenge of product development and thus they require better tools and equipment for testing. Mechanical dynamics is one important and useful factor today. Dynamic mechanical was established initially as a simple heating and air conditioning company which started out in Sacramento. The major requirement was to make its customers happy through the use of it. It started out in 2003 with one operation which basically led to its growth. It was used in the commercial sector widely. Michael V the owner of dynamic mechanical was basically associated with construction industry. It started off with majorly the heating and cooling equipments followed by training the employee to work in order to meet the requirements. The system is required to work at peak efficiency. The technology used for testing, analyzing dynamics of mechanical structure and modeling is of high importance. The modes of vibration here play a very important role as it is the major link between th e testing and the method used for analysis. There are basically four options and alternatives which are taken , taking forces and motion in mind. Design is one of the major concerns faced. Styling of the machinery is another important aspect which needs to be in mind which includes the sizes and shapes which are of great importance. The entire layout matters not only the outer part. The outward appearance is not only important the entire mechanical system is of great importance. Structure should be such which can withstand forces and which can also transmit forces; a static analysis is carried out to make sure that the forces are strong. The suspension spring of the automobile should have enough strength to support the body, engine along with the weight. In order to have proper motion there are rotating and moving part which are setup in the system. There are some problems which are known as the kinematics. There are many shafts, pulleys, chains, cams, rotating gears and many other instruments which will go through many changes they will have to develop major relative motions so that the engine can run properly. The designer has to make sure that the structure go through proper affects of forces and motion, this thing depends a lot on the dynamic environment however there are many factors which affect this which include the forces and motion which come together and that finds out some major problems which include the problem of vibration and noise (Measurement and the analysis of the dynamics). These problems which are caused by the inertial forces along the structure behavior of the structure and these problems are extremely difficult to solve. The dynamic structure is divided into two classes for the purpose of modeling the dynamics. These two classes include the elastic and rigid bodies. There are many elastic structures whose dynamics are simplified to a very large extent through significant loss of accuracy with major assumptions that they are assembled t ogether through springs and damper elements in a very rigid way. Straightforward manner is used to analyze the system through the use of Newton’s second law which is crucial for masses in the system. Modes of vibration cannot be observed physically and they can not be identified by major people. Linear dynamic model also plays an important role here and it is defined through this. Mathematical model and its development depicts an important link which is between these modes of vibration and the elements of the modeling

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