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New Zealand Tourism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

New Zealand Tourism - Essay Example This is because people falling in the above age limit are known to make frequent visit to places and destinations. Some of the social marketing elements which could be sued for the purpose are promotional campaigns like public announcements, billboards, media events and community outreaches. The importance of video marketing and blog marketing and social networking sites could also be used for the purpose. This would allow a two way communication process between the authorities and the general public. The advantage of social marketing is that the viewers would be able to provide their views and suggestions regarding their needs and requirements based on which the authorities would be able to provide the facilities. Target market segments and stakeholders Natural disaster has great impact on the tourism and also on the economic condition of the country. Thus effective marketing strategy is very essential to communicate with people over the globe that the country is ready for business. For successfully implementing the strategies proper evaluation of the target market and the stakeholders analysis is very important for NZ Tourism. ... Figure 1: Visitor arrival trend rise with income (Source: Local Government New Zealand, 2011, p. 9) The top two markets which has great trend of tourism attraction for New Zealand are China and Australia which are needed to be focused for marketing of the Tourism activity. Figure 2: China and Australia are the Key market (Source: Local Government New Zealand, 2011, p. 10) The interactive segments who are involved in the process of engagement and interaction with respect towards the social, cultural, environmental of these potential markets are the main target segment for the tourism industry. The primary stakeholders for the tourism of New Zealand may be divided into three major categories- 1. Industry groups like Hotel Council of the country, TIANZ and Inbound Tour Operators Council of the country. 2. Tourism businesses like Air New Zealand and Tourism Holdings Limited and 3. Public organizations like Department of Conservation and Tourism Research Councils. International stakeholde rs of the country include industries like hotel, transport and travel companies who are supplying tourists for New Zealand (Inter brand, 2005, p. 57-58). With time better relationship of the country with the global market and effective communication system will increase the number of stakeholders if the marketing communication strategy can be effectively developed and marketed. Role played by social marketing elements The field of tourism has been changing rapidly over the years. This holds true for the country of New Zealand which has been struck by natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and landslides etc. On account of the above aspects the tourism sector of the nation has suffered a setback and has been demonstrating

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