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Texas Rangers - 13480 Words

Chapter 2 The Genesis Bernhard hoesli and the Process of Design It is the spring of 1982;the venue,the auditorium of the School of Architectre,University of Texas at Arlington.Bernhard Hoesli is speaking to a capacity crowd;his first lecture in Texas since his departure from Austin in the summer of 1957. I have arrived late, having driven the 350miles from San Antonio to the Dallas-Fort Worth area.Though there is a substantial contingent of young architecture students for whom the lecture is only one of a series,glancing around I reacquaint myself with the older faces;the balding,graying heads in the hall----Duane Landry and Jane Lorenz Landry,Bill Odum,Bill Booziotes,Rik Mcbride,and many,many others---all former students of his,and†¦show more content†¦In 1944 he graduated from the ETH in architectur.Following the war,in 1947,he left Zurich for Paris where,after briefly working in the atelier of the painter Fernand Leger,he was accepted by Le Corbusier as an assistant at the Rue de Sevres.There he wasassigned two projects that were to f igure heavily in his later thinking as a teacher and acrchitect.In1948 he worked on the design of the Villa Currutchet located in Rio Plato,Brazil;and in 1949 Le Corbusier,obviously impressed with the abilities of this neophyte Swiss architect,appointed him project architect for the United Habitation,relocating HoeslitoMarseilles to manage and oversee the construction there of his own first major postwar work*2. The Villa Currutchet,a small urban infill project containing office and living quarters,epitomizes a type of Corbusian synthesis that had its origins in the Maison Domino and the Villa Carthage of the 1920s,that is,the combination of the plan libre and the L-shaped overlapping section,This little-known project had a stimulating effect upon the young Hoesli,who,obviously fascinated by its spatial implications,returned again and again to it as a touchstone in his lectures and as a point of departure---thesubject of analysis by his students.The incidence of the L-shaped overlap ping section was toShow MoreRelatedTexas Rangers Power Or Collapse House?1001 Words   |  5 PagesRussel Jay Eserjose Finance 441 Research Paper Texas Rangers Power or Collapse House? In the Major League of Baseball, there is a blue and white team from Arlington, Texas, known as the Texas Rangers. In 2009, although the team had a substantial amount of talent on the field, they also had serious financial problems. The team has always been grossly undercapitalized. They depended on capital joint connections and loans to help pay for their bills. These problems lead to one of the biggest demonstrationsRead MoreTexas Rangers : A Great State Of Texas Essay1077 Words   |  5 PagesTexas Rangers My interest in researching the Texas Rangers was to find out how they came to be, how did their legacy survive and what has become of them? The Rangers are unique frontiersman for this great state of Texas. This state held every hope and hardship that pioneers faced in the nation’s westward expansion. For every story I read I felt I was looking through a window about the past and trying the get a whole new picture of today’s Texas Rangers. The Texas Ranger are respected, admiredRead MoreBook Analysis: The Texas Rangers and the Mexican Revolution1280 Words   |  6 PagesThe Texas Rangers and the Mexican Revolution: The Bloodiest Decade, 1910-1920. By Charles H. Harris III and Louis R. Sadler (Albuquerque: Univ. of New Mexico, 2007. Print.) This is the most comprehensive collection of The Texas Rangers during the Mexican revolution that has been published. Charles Harris III and Louis Sadler share the details behind this unstable period by uncovering the views and actions of the Rangers during the highest point of border violence up until that time. The RangersRead MoreA Rod Case Study Essay779 Words   |  4 Pagesbuying quality players. This worked wonders for the team and Dallas Stars went on to lead the group. Tom Hicks had a policy of spending 50-55% of team revenue on team payrolls. If that is maintained he always gains an operating profit of 10-15%. Texas Rangers can bring more revenue to the group if they reach the American Championship Series and By reaching the seventh game of the World Series could add over $20 million in incremental revenue. The Rodriguez factor was believed to be the pushing factorRead MoreDisputes between Texas Rangers and Mexicans624 Words   |  3 Pagesproblems going on, on the border of Mexico and Texas between the Texas rangers and the Mexicans. The disputes between the Texas Rangers and Mexicans caused many people to die for no reason. The Texas rangers patrolled the border to stop from anybody going pass the border or anything that looked suspicious for them. The reason there were so many for why there were problems on the border but, the main reason was that no one wanted to stop the Texas rangers because everyone was scared of them. DuringRead MoreA-Rod Case Essay1055 Words   |  5 PagesRosa Duarte Fin 500 2/7/2011 A-Rod: Signing the Best Player in Baseball Executive Summary The possibility of signing Alex Rodriguez in 2000 represented a major opportunity for the Texas Rangers. Rodriguez by 2000 and at just 25 years of age had come a long way in his career. Among his triumphs were becoming just the third player to obtain 40 homeruns and 40 base steals in a year and winning the American League homerun record by a shortstop. Besides his success in the field, he had alsoRead MoreThe Texas Rangers By Stephen F. Austin866 Words   |  4 Pagesfactories and other buildings. They also want to watch over local shops. They would alarm people of fires and the occasional burglary. Around 1823, Stephen F. Austin created the Texas Rangers. They say this was not the official beginning of the Rangers, because some people questioned as to whether they were actually employed as Rangers. Originally they only had around ten men to protect close to one thousand people. Instead, after the Mexican Revolution in 1835 is when they were officially recognized themRead MoreThe T ale Of True Grit1396 Words   |  6 Pagesin tracking down Tom Chaney, her father’s killer. Cocky, Texas Ranger LaBoeuf, needs Cogburn to guide him through Indian Territory because he too seeks justice, as well as a monetary reward, for capturing the same outlaw. Mattie demonstrates her strength of will as well as her resourcefulness, as the troupe takes on the unexpected in their adventurous wilderness journey. The three main characters; Mattie Ross, Rooster Cogburn, and Texas Ranger LaBoeuf, all demonstrate true grit in some similar andRead MoreBonnie and Clyde956 Words   |  4 Pagesgrasping your attention, making your mind run full with imagination and placing yourself in the era owned by Bonnie and Clyde the 1930s. Bonnie Elizabeth Parker born October 01, 1910, Clyde Chestnut Barrow born March 24, 1909, both from Dallas, Texas and ambushed in Bienville Parrish, Louisiana on May 23, 1934 killed at least nine officers and other civilians, leaving Bonnie to always have her name placed first in the matter, as do to respect that ladies always come first. As most would lead youRead MoreComponents of a Quest Novel in True Grit by Charles Portis659 Words   |  3 Pagesguide, a call, and many more. Charles Portis applies these components to many of his characters in his novel True Grit. There is stubborn, fourteen year old Mattie Ross, the quest hero, Marshal Rooster Cogburn, the wise old man, and a conceited Texas ranger named LaBoeuf, the helper/guide. Throughout this novel, they prove that they are the characters of a quest novel in many ways. A quest hero is someone who has the courage to try, and stay determined. Another aspect of a quest hero is that they

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