Thursday, September 12, 2019

Research Design And Analysis Week 5 Assignment 2

Research Design And Analysis Week 5 2 - Assignment Example Qualitative studies also focus on development of meaning on a subject matter as opposed to the scope of quantitative research that focuses on identifying and testing existence of causal relationships. The scope of the article however identifies focus on understanding the role of critical praxis in teamwork. Qualitative research is also subjective, depends on people’s opinion and this identifies with the authors’ approach that express their informed opinion on the subject. Use of words, subjectivity, and focus on development of meaning therefore identifies the article as a qualitative article (Seibold & Kang 2008; Gerrish & Lacey, 2013). The author does not offer a theoretical framework for the study that is exploratory. No discussion therefore exists on a theory or previous application of a theory. The authors also failed to develop research questions for their study. In addition, the authors do not state their study’s dependent and independent variables. The exploratory scope of the study also fails to offer a basis for assuming variables and their relationship (Seibold,

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