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Explication Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Explication Paper - Essay Example By use of the penny symbolism, the author shows that whites in that period prefer that blacks depended on them. The hat symbolism, however, does not have defined positive implications on the authors attempt to make it look that whites and blacks were now equal. In my view, it has a more profound reflection on the Africans reaction to the integration as described bellow. Morality: this theme tries to justify the reactions of the characters in the event of change which is the driving force behind the author’s ideas. Julian’s mother is condescending, as most white people with a conscience were during the days of slavery. However, she no prejudices towards any child even black ones. She maintains this stand even in the face of conflict. Caroline, Julian’s mother’s nanny, is a true representation of the ideal black women before the integration. When Julian’s mother calls out to Caroline, it is perhaps the author’s way of portraying the security and comfort whites derived from the past state of blacks. This reflects on the types of whites the author chose; she picked poor whites to represent her ideas. On another level, it can be the author’s way of portraying whites as the victims. In retrospect, the author tries to point out that the impact of wealth on social class. Julian represents the present American; he is hiding, behind the faà §ade of education, to justify his support for change. The black woman is a representation of black people in recent times. Her aggression against condescending whites is a reflection of black people’s feelings towards slavery and segregation. Back to the hat symbolism, it reflects the blacks need to be not equal to but like the whites. Style: third person narration is a style that stands out in this text as much as racial integration. This technique in my view gives the text a futuristic tag. Though debatable, this writing is still relevant

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