Friday, February 28, 2020

Performance management process Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Performance management process - Assignment Example Besides, informal performance reviews are daily conducted. The annual performance reviews are based on five levels of analysis. Competency documents are required for the personnel file. Although HR guides the managers, yet it is managers who enforce the PM. PM ties into the organizational goal of excelling by providing the personnel with coaching, and increasing their interaction through meetings. Feedback is gathered from the staff in meetings and employee engagement surveys. Employees can get their complaints conveyed to the management through emails to the HR. Although employees are generally rewarded for displaying good performance, yet the company needs to improve its reward system. Teamwork motivates the employees. Besides, the nature of the work that requires helping the patients is so noble that employees feel self motivation. The department leader trains the employees. Improvement plans are prepared for three to four topics every month. Till 2011, the company will have a goo d behavior improvement program in place. Currently, the coaching system in place is quite informal and development of a mentoring program is due in future. So far, the coaching has not been up to the mark because of lack of stable management. However, the coaching system would be improved.

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